Government of Turkey   

Designed and promoted cultural heritage tours to Turkey for special interest groups in the U.S. In a twelve-month period, more than 30 groups from the US visited Turkey. In the two years following, repeat group        
trips were requested. In addition, a gala evening in New York was planned to raise funds for the renovation of significant Jewish heritage tourism sites in Turkey. In attendance were Henry Kissinger, Turgut Ozal (then president of Turkey) and David Levy (then Foreign Minister of Israel). The evening succeeded in raising $500,000.          

Quincentennial Foundation of Istanbul       

The foundation was created to celebrate 500 years of peaceful living by Spanish Jews in Turkish lands and provide first-hand experience of Turkey as a modern and democratic country with a     
humanitarian history.
Planned a gala evening that raised $500,000 for renovation projects in Turkey. Secured a videotaped message from the President of the United States, George Bush, to open the gala.
Obtained half-a-dozen resolutions of support from Jewish organizations, the US Congress and the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.
Publicity reached 38,900,000 readers. A video news release reached a potential viewing audience of nearly 5,000,000. Total television coverage amounted to 86,900,000 viewers. Arranged satellite feed from Ankara of Turkey's president to address 3,000 American Jewish leaders. This program was granted the Golden World Award as well as an Award for Excellence from the International Public Relations Association.       

Painting and Photographic Exhibitions  

Parter International organized and promoted a photographic exhibition depicting contemporary Jewish life in Turkey, curated by the Judah Magnus Museum. The      
exhibition was so successful that a second traveling version had to be produced. It was booked in thirty cities in North America.
Parter International also designed and promoted an exhibition of paintings by Remedios Varos at the New York Academy of Science on behalf of Novo Pharmaceuticals.
Our firm conducted market to determine feasibility of holding cross-country exhibitions of self-portraits by composer Arnold Schoenberg and received commitments from several institutions, including Bard College in New York.          

Other Clients 

     Turkish Delegation to the Fourth World Conference on Women