Trade Promotion

We work with US and international companies looking to sell their products abroad and for products to license in their home country. We also help companies identify and evaluate sales representatives, agents, distributors, and logistics providers.
We work with economic development agencies to develop and implement trade promotion programs. This includes educational seminars and materials, market studies, technical assistance, attendance at trade shows, and planning trade missions.
We have organized and implemented numerous missions for The United States Trade Development Council, The United States Agency for International Development, World Trade Center, Trade Associations, Canadian Provinces, New York State, Switzerland, Italy, and others. We identify prospects, recruit attendees, conduct direct, e-mail, and online marketing campaigns, develop and schedule meetings and activities, assist with logistics, and help participants to follow up. Although it is Parter International’s core principle that we develop a highly customized program for each of our projects, the standard approach described below will give you an understanding of our expertise and capabilities regarding organizing trade and investment missions.
Review of Information
In order to become fully familiar with your mission and its specific objectives, our team of industry experts analyzes the capabilities, strengths and competitiveness of each participating company; understands the types of business relations sought by each company; and uses the gathered information to identify relevant counterparts with the greatest business potential. We then:
- Suggest the optimum dates and locations of the mission
- Create a timeline of activities for all parties leading up to the mission
- Identify potential local partners and delineate the responsibilities of each partner organization
Recruitment of Companies for Business Matchmaking Sessions
We research, identify, and invite relevant local companies to meet with mission members. Our team of experts carefully evaluate and qualify those companies based on multiple selection criteria. We then:
- Contact individual companies via personal calls, mailings and/or emails
- Develop marketing materials
- Follow-up with leads and schedule meetings
- Brief participating companies on their counterparts’ objectives and plans
Mission Arrangements
We arrange business to business matchmaking meetings for your mission and take care of the logistics. The range of logistical assistance our team provides can vary from project to project but other capabilities include:
- Coordinate meeting schedule
- Coordinate meeting venue
- Prepare meeting  documents
- Arrange site visits
- Flight and hotel arrangements when necessary
On-Site Management & Follow Up
Industry experts from our team will accompany your mission to prepare the mission members and prepare them for the meetings and secure their highest possible comfort level. After your mission ends, we conduct follow-ups to ensure that all opportunities are fully optimized.