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 ONB, New Brunswick’s lead business development agency, has a mission to drive economic growth and create jobs in the province. ONB is currently looking for more American businesses to invest in the area.

Parter International organized an investment attraction luncheon in NYC in March 2017 for ONB. The luncheon was a success with a turnout of 32 attendees from the following industry sectors: Information Technology, Financial Services, and Media Relations.

  • Identified and made all arrangements for an exciting location for the event
  • Organized a campaign to identify potential attendees and promote the luncheon
  • Designed and distributed email invitations and made phone calls to prospective investors to promote the event
  • Researched 25 organizations in technology, finance, and international trade, reached out to them for assistance to identify prospective attendees, 25% of them agreed to help
  • Sourced an invitee list of 271 C-suite executives, multipliers, influencers, financiers, and association leaders, 40 individuals agreed to attend, 32 attended
  • Provided final report with information on all attendees

ONB is actively following up with the attendees and many of the others on the invitation list​​