Marketing And Communications

Marketing/Communications consulting covers a wide range of activities and expertise.  The process includes identifying and understanding the issues, developing the message, creating appropriate strategies to communicate that message, and measuring results.

Parter International utilizes its experience in all of the following areas:

Media Relations & Publicity

Corporate/Organizational Communications

  • Press Relations (media lists, outreach, pitch letters, follow-up, interview scheduling, briefings, editorial board meetings, press coverage coordination)
  • Online Media Strategy (bloggers, social networking groups, newsletters, etc.)
  • Press Trips
  • Press Releases and Press Kits
  • Press Conferences
  • Video/Radio News Releases
  • Training
  • Analyses and audits of organization’s communications
  • Media analysis (perception of organization in media, coverage of issues)
  • Materials (newsletters, brochures, testimonials, case studies, op-eds, issue papers, how-to kits and resource guides for local implementation)
  • Web Site Content
  • Surveys
  • Program Design and Management
  • Measurements of Results


Public Affairs

  • Galas and Fundraisers
  • Store Promotions
  • Art and Photography Exhibits
  • Seminars
  • Road Shows
  • Coalition Building
  • Strategic Alliances
  • A Governmental Support
    C A S E   S T U D I E S

    Market Research