Kansas Department Of Commerce

Parter International was retained by the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDC) as its East Coast Representative to attract business to the State. We helped KDC with Strategic Planning, Research, Marketing and Lead Identification and Qualification. Our goal was to identify, qualify, meet, and convince potential investors to investigate and choose Kansas as an investment destination.

Any company conducting a site analysis or looking for a joint venture, strategic alliance or merger partner would be wise to check out Kansas. The Sunflower State is a low tax, low-operating costs, business-friendly state with a central location and highly skilled and educated workforce. Kansas offers competitive financial incentives including new business income tax exemptions, an attractive payroll withholding tax holiday and property tax exemptions. In addition it has economic development loans and grants to support a company’s investment in the State and workforce development programs to reduce a company’s training costs.

Be sure to contact us if you are aware of a company that is studying its growth and investment opportunities so we can assist them with their due diligence. For more information on Kansas business opportunities, please visit www.kansascommerce.com.