Investment Attraction

We help locations attract inward investment by analyzing and improving current promotion efforts and, where appropriate, establishing cutting-edge activities such as joint venture/strategic alliance programs and the development of international business incubators. Acting as the American representative of an overseas economic development agency or working with investors from abroad interested in the US, we identify potential corporate investors, successfully market destinations, maintain a comprehensive database of leads and activities, and “close the deal”. We regularly report on current leads and trends, plan and implement investment missions, and make presentations to prospects and multipliers.
We assist destinations to develop, implement, and evaluate their investment attraction programs including strategic planning, prospect identification, lead generation, sales & marketing, scheduling of appointments and events, and aftercare.
Lead Identification and Lead Generation
We identify potential investment prospects through a combination of primary and secondary sources and develop lists of qualified prospects based on agreed upon criteria. We also have our own proprietary list of US companies who have expressed an interest in establishing offices and facilities abroad
Focused Sales and Marketing
We provide assistance in implementing focused marketing programs that best support the lead generation and outreach process. We develop marketing materials and pursue activities that are industry specific.
Contact With Prospects
As a result of our team's experience, we speak the language of investors and have the ability to identify and sell to the decision maker. In our approach, where senior professionals are doing the outreach, we possess the knowledge and the flexibility to refine messages for greater results, and to bring conversations to the next level.
We develop and implement Aftercare Campaigns that provide an environment which encourages companies to expand within a destination and also serve as an early warning system.  
“Alan Parter’s extensive investment attraction experience has been an instrumental ingredient attracting investors to Berne. He understands how to identify potential leads; to effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically respond to the needs of prospects; to help companies understand our region’s assets; and to get them to invest in Berne. In addition, he has provided wise counsel, marketing expertise and policy recommendations that have been crucial to our success.”
-- Denis Grisel
Berne Economic Development Agency
“Parter International, Inc. has provided the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry with wise counsel and innovative ideas on international investment issues such as strategic alliances. Its considerable experience in the international business alliances, acting on behalf of both US and foreign clients, helped ensure that the advice provided to DTI had immediate practical application.” 

-- John V. Hagestadt
Director of Operations
Invest in Britain Bureau