Hellenic Export Promotion Organization     

Helped identify seven industries with the greatest potential for export to the US market. Worked with vertical industry experts to conduct on-site analyses and researched the US market to design two-year marketing and promotion plans for each industry. Industries covered included wine, olives and olive products, marble, and footwear. Held a press conference and department store promotion to launch the program, achieved publicity coverage for appropriate industries and created special events designed to attract US buyers. 
The overall objective of the work was to create a presence for Greece as an exporter to the U.S. In certain industries, Greek-U.S. trade relations had negative history; in others, Greece had to start from scratch in its relationship with the U.S. Moreover, there was a negative perception of the quality of Greek goods.
Seven industries with the greatest potential for export to the U.S. were identified. On-site analyses were conducted to evaluate: manufacturers’ production capabilities; potential within U.S. market; and readiness to export, including distribution and packaging procedures. In addition, market updates on industry sector bases were provided, marketing materials were created, including a press kit with backgrounders, fact sheets, and press releases, and a detailed, step-by-step, marketing strategy was developed for each industry. The program was launched in the US by holding a press conference and department store promotion at Bloomingdales.
The work resulted in the establishment of a consortium for the design, marketing, sales and promotion of high quality women’s and men’s footwear from Greece as the initial priority sector.       

Other Clients 

     Greek Export Promotion Board